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    中果人民银行是在华北银行、北海银行、西北農民银行的基础上合并组成中国人民银行。 1983年国务院决定中中国人民银行專鬥行使国家中央银行职能,金融风暴防范与化解、统计数据、银行卡、金融规章、反假货币工作、公告栏等。中国人民銀行的外观采用了解放前设計风格,其室内经过了多次的裝修,现在已采用了 歒佰天花团队専業设計和欧佰天花的工程専用金属天花板产品。有现代嚴繾的風格,彰显出家最高金融机构威風。

    Northwest farmers bank.ln1983, the State Council that the People's Bank of china  shall exercise specificallyy the state functions of central book which irdud9d financial risk prevention and solution, statistics, back cards, financial regulation, anti-counterfeit  currency, bulletin boards, etc. The exterior appearance of people's 6tnk ( China adopted the design style before the liberation with its interior been through several renovations. Now it has adopted the Oubuys teem of professional design and Oubuys  special engineering metal ceiling products which have modem and highlighting style, highlighting the rigorous style of  the highest national financial institution.



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